With the weather getting warmer, you have hopefully either gone on vacation or are going to do some travelling with friends or family this year. When you’re in relaxation mode, it’s extremely hard to stay motivated and find the time to keep training and stretching before class starts up again in September.

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Harlequin has also gathered a list of tips to help you through the sunny summer months.

Start Early
In the summer, we tend to sleep more because we don’t have to get up as early and then as soon as we know it, the day is done. By getting out of bed and stretching and/or training first thing, not only do you get it out of the way, but it will set you up for a great rest of the day.
That’s not to say you should deprive your body of much-needed rest. If you are up late with friends, do not try and burn the candle at both ends; but getting up before everybody else will not disrupt your summer plans or prevent you from missing out on any fun activities.

Continue Your Good Habits
Flexibility and strength training requires patience and consistency. It’s all about using the right technique and routine. If you usually train 4 to 5 times a week, try to train the same amount during summer, even if it’s not for as long or as hard. If you maintain good habits during the summer you will have greater benefit than shorter burst of strenuous training which could ultimately hurt you.

Use Whole Body Movement
Many dance classes focus on stretching and strengthening the hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. While it is good to gain flexibility and train these core groups, it is also true that your mobility needs to be dynamic and multi-directional. Use the summer to stretch and strengthen the parts of the body that don’t get as much attention during the rest of the year.

Try Something New
The summer is a good time to try new movements or routines that you do not practice as often in the winter. Try new stretches that you have not done in a while. If you need inspiration a quick online search can offer lots of suggestions. It will keep your routine fun and interesting.
Safety is the most important. Stretching or pushing your body too hard too quickly is dangerous. It can result in torn muscles and damaged ligaments that can bring long-term consequences and can even end your dance career.

As important as training and stretching is in the summer, it is also necessary to rest so your body can process, heal and repair. Dancers often perform their best when their bodies are in peek physical fitness but also when they are relaxed and rested. Remember to manage your fatigue which can cause your muscles to tighten. Don’t try to do it all in the summer and remember to have some fun as well.