School Discount Program

The Dance Store offers three types of school discount:

School Discount Program

Harlequin The Dance Store offers a School Discount Club that gives Dance schools, Studios and Companies the chance to save!
As a School Discount Club member you will save 20-30% on all products.
Order in bulk and offer your students excellent prices or keep your studio stocked with all your favourite dance brands.
Harlequin The Dance Store offers the best brands like Bloch, Capezio, Suffolk, So Danca, Grishko, Mirella, Dance/Danse, Sansha, Bunheads and All That Jazz.

Apply for our School Discount Club to start saving up to 25% off all year long!
With customized service to meet all of your needs as well as three delivery options:

In-Store Pick Up
Same Day Delivery*
Standard Delivery (Canada Post)

Placing orders for your studio is a simple and cost effective option.

We Offer:

  • Dancewear, Dance shoes, Accessories, Make-up kits etc.
  • Discount of 20-30% all year long on the retail prices without minimum order requirements
  • Customized service to meet all your needs and requirements.
  • As a member of our School Discount Program, we provide you with the best brands available in the market at an affordable price.
  • We carry major brands like BLOCH, Capezio, Mirella, Suffolk, Dance Danse, All That Jazz, Bunheads, Sansha, and Mondor.
A man and a boy standing beside one another both in a white shirt and black shorts with heels together and toes outturned. The man looks over at the boy and the boy over at the man. Both have their hands on they hips

Affiliate Program

We are excited to launch our affiliate program to help support local dance schools! Here’s How It Works:

  1. We give you a link to our store to share on your website and social pages.
  2. Your students and their parents get direct access to high quality name brand dance clothing, shoes, and accessories on your website.
  3. You receive 10% of any purchases made through your website. Easy as that!
  4. You provide the best dancewear to your students all in one place.

If you want to grow your school revenue, this is a really easy way to expand.
Another option is we can create a page for your school on The Dance Store website. Your students get to hear about promotions first and any announcements you’d like shared on the page. We’ll give you 10% of every sale made there too!

Teacher Discount Program

Dance schools and the dedicated teachers who lead them are the beating heart of our community. From every young dancer’s first shaky movement onto the floor to their last standing ovation, there is a proud teacher holding their breath behind the scenes. As a small token of our appreciation, all dance teachers can get 10% off our entire range, any time.

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