Let’s cut to the chase – what are some of the better dancewear solutions out there? We’ve compiled a short guide on how you can best navigate between dance brands so you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Many other dance brands will have an exhaustive inventory of necessities and accessories, but today, we’re looking at companies that broke into the dance scene with their soles. And of course, you’ve guessed it. We’re starting off with the big brands, Bloch and Capezio, to get us going. Their rich history and legacy trickles down to generations of dancers, and they don’t seem to have any plans in stopping.


Sparked from the pure delight of aiding dancers, Bloch rose to popularity since the 1930s for those pursuing en pointe. Since then, Bloch has grooved with the growing interest of other types of dance genres. Those who are pursuing ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, and Latin dance can find the support that they need through this brand. More history HERE


There’s much to say about Capezio. Like Bloch, their products are built for comfort and durability, not just for ballet dancers, but for many others as well. What strikes this brand to be a top player is its amazing growth over the years. Starting in 1887, this company continued to be relevant through time, acting as the trending dance apparel on MTV and the face of Vogue, Elle, as well as Cosmopolitan on their fashion runways. Having said this, you can find yourself a flattering set of slippers if you’re looking to dazzle on stage. To learn more about their history click HERE


Gaynor Minden is the modern-day version of dance apparel excellence. Much like Bloch and Capezio, Gaynor Minden started with modest beginnings with a driving passion to help dancers. Gaynor Minden produced the first pointe shoe to successfully use modern materials in its construction. On top of this, their styles can give any dancer happy feet. Moving with the needs of their clients and times, they not only allow customization, but allow customization through the internet. Find your pair through this innovative brand.


“It all started with an idea”. Indeed, and it was also fueled by love and passion. Like Gaynor Minden, Grishko started as a husband/wife duo where Mrs. Tamara Grishko, a former ballerina, joined forces with Ms. Temeesheva who researched and defended a doctoral thesis on ballet shoe mechanics. Grishko’s shoes have touched well over 70 countries, making the company the largest manufacturer of not just ballet shoes, but also dancewear and accessories. Grishko aims to enhance a dancer’s experience, alleviating pain, by producing the most comfortable, proper ballet shoes as possible.

They have since expanded, and dancers can find models for jazz, ballroom, tap, and more!


Sansha is another great example of innovation in the dance scene. Emerged in 1982, Spain, Sansha founder, Franck Raoul-Duval developed a new type of ballet shoe, changing the lives of dancers around the world. The split sole canvas ballet slippers, which are perfectly form-fitting, were originally created for professional ballet dancers. However, the shoes have been made available for dancers from all levels- and with great success!

Dancers from genres other than ballet will find their own treasure. This includes jazz, hip-hop, flamenco, ballroom, and tap.


The moves make a dancer, but what they wear affects how dancers move.


Five-six-seven-eight! All that Jazz is a Canadian brand committed to providing what larger brands cannot – more options in fabric, colour, and customization. Their items are made of either cotton or bamboo fabrications as well! All that Jazz has a wide range of dance apparel, from footless tights, cap sleeve leotard, and straight leg jazz pants (for both children and adults). Those who peruse further will find any necessities that come into mind (with a sprinkle of style).


We’ve said it before – Capezio has earned its spot on the big runways in the past. Aside from leotards, tights, and leg warmers, dancers can strut with a stylish bag to rehearsal as well.


Grishko’s dedication to ballet is emulated through the romantic style found in their apparel. Aside from pointe shoes, dancers can find their fair share of tutus, and sophisticated cuts of leotards.


Oh, you thought Bloch was just a champion for dance shoes? Mirella by Bloch is a line for younger dancers looking for a versatile style of leotards. Capped sleeves, skirted tank, black, blue, pink – you got it. Keep your eyes open every season as a new line is always on its way.


This brand offers variety in leg warmers, various types of skirts and tights for different types of dance. Mondor is known for high performance apparel, designed to meet the needs of highly active athletes such as dancers.


With a strong rapport in supporting dancers, Sansha has worked closely with mentors and professionals in the dance scene to find the best dancewear solution for all those moving with the music. You can find a selection of tutus, and tights for ballet dancers, leg warmers, tops and pants for those in jazz, and other accessories.


Dance is all about the subtle movements between your fingertips, and the soft expressions etched on your face. This is why the little things aren’t just bells and whistles – they’re a necessity.


Very much like its name, Bunheads Dance Accessories is full helpful hair solutions to keep your strands in place. You can find gel, hair roller, bun builders, and heavy weight bun hairpins. On top of this, Bunhead Dance Accessories also has other helpful necessities to support dancers push themselves to their best. This includes gel knee pads, jelly tips, and deodorizing pouches.


There’s a lot that happens behind the red curtain before any dancers faces the spotlight. For dancers who are looking for supporting items such as massage balls, foam rollers, and balance boards to help with their training, Suffolk’s got it. Items for everyday use such as toe tape, and sewing tubes are also a great find as well.

If you’ve found what you’re looking for and like what you hear, The Dance Store is fully stocked with the world’s best dance brands. Depending on the time of year, see if you can snap up a seasonal deal!