This post was planned during lockdown, but it takes a while to watch movies when you’re dancing and designing dancewear round the clock! Now, here we are. We know some dance schools are closed and people are under different restrictions. To take your minds off whatever stage you’re in, we’ve watched a few of the best dance movies Netflix has on offer. From the soppy saccharine to pulse pounders to the truly moving, here are 8 of the best dance movies on Netflix to keep you inspired.

Step Sisters (2018)

Step Sisters

In Step Sisters, a member of a black sorority (Megalyn Echikunwoke) helps a group of white girls (lacking rhythm) to win a step competition. A mixed bag of some cringey moments and some other really funny ones, this film shows how dance can make unlikely friends of almost anyone.

I Dream of Dance (2018)

I Dream of Dance really captures why what it means to teach in a dance school. Of all the films in this list, this documentary was our favourite and had us truly inspired to get back into the studio. If you live and breathe dance, this one’s for you! Spy some beautiful dancewear in there too.

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Save the Last Dance (2001)

This one is a classic, apparently. If it hits you, it’ll make you want to dust off your dance shoes as soon as possible. We’re not sure why but we’re not really the demographic. As teen dance movies go, this one will probably be a hit with you if you’re in those magic years between 11 and 19. It will definitely stick in your mind if you’ve ever dreaded a dance audition!

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Yeh Ballet (2020)

Yeh Ballet netflix dance movie

Yeh Ballet is an Indian film about two teens, Asif and Nishu (Manish Chauhan), who train to become ballet dancers with a stern ballet teacher. Their families are against them pursuing dance and it’s a really interesting look at how a different culture looks at ballet schools and the craft in general.

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Driven to Dance (2018)

This film’s title drew us in, but it’s probably the weakest in this list. It’s not that dramatic, or well-acted, or inspiring unfortunately. There’s a dreamy dance school, some beautiful dancewear in the final performance and some solid choreography, but we wouldn’t suggest this one unless you’re really stuck for something to watch.

Let’s Dance (2019)

This definitely falls into the family column and might wow some of the younger little dancers. Let’s Dance has some fun moments that may charm you, but the acting is quite corny and the dubbing doesn’t help. We’re not made of stone though, the image of people dancing in the street will always make you crack a smile.

Battle (2018)

Battle is one you may not have heard of. It’s a Norwegian drama, though spoken in English. The film follows a lot of the tropes of dance movies: girl meets boy who’s great at dance, they bond over dance, she doubts herself, a montage ensues. Battle does this with a lot of class and some heart though. It might not blow you away but has some really moving moments and a beautiful soundtrack.

Work It (2020)

This is a fun ride all about how dancing is for everyone, and it’s about passion, not smarts. A high school senior vows to get into her dream school by forming a dance team with a group of fellow quirky outcasts. There’s some fun dance clothing to check out in here too. It’s a real feel-good movie and has some sequences that will make you smile from ear to ear.

So, there you have it, some of the top dance movies on Netflix to keep you company and get your body moving! If we were a little down on some of them, don’t despair. Watch the trailers and see if they get you hooked. Movies, like different dances, inspire people in all kinds of ways. If you’re stuck inside, put on your dance shoes and move with the beat of a fun movie!

If you want something else to do when you’re stuck indoors by pouring rain or pandemics, see about starting your own dance profile.