Is it ever too late to start dancing? No. Why would there be a time that’s too late? At any time, you can turn the page and start a new chapter in the book that is your life. It’s your story; you’re the only one who can hold you back. Being too old or scared or not strong enough is just a narrative you’re telling yourself. Dancing is for everyone.

Just Start Dancing

Just start. Once you start anything, you quickly realise it wasn’t as scary as you thought. Dancing is no different. Start at home. Dance along to a YouTube video or just move to a beat. Build up your confidence and try out some different dance styles. Then book a class. Your first dance class will probably be exhausting and exciting in equal measure, but you’ll be happy you did it.

Reasons to Take up Dancing at Any Time

Whether you’re 7 or 70, dancing is a proven way to maintain your health and vitality. Dancers are stronger, more flexible and are constantly improving their cardiovascular health. Having to memorise multiple steps increases cognitive function and recall. It can also help reduce stress, improve mood, self-esteem, sociability and more.

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Famous Late Bloomers

Misty Copeland, the first female African American Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, started dancing at the age of 13, which was considered old to be starting out. However, she was dancing en pointe within 3 months of that first dance class – a feat unheard of before then. Now, she’s a superstar. However, 13 being “late” to start may make you feel uncomfortable, but it depends on what your goals are. Not every dancer thinks it’s their route to stardom. It may just be an expression of who you are, a creative outlet, for exercise, mental health or simply for the love of doing it.

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David Zurak, a member of the Martha Graham Dance Company, didn’t develop a love of dance until he was 23. In other fields, Alan Rickman was 32 when he made his acting debut but 41 when he took on his first film role. And that’s just at the professional level. You’re only taking up a new activity! Samuel L. Jackson was 40 when he got his first major movie role. Vera Wang didn’t design her first dress until she was 40. JK Rowling published her first book at 30, but only began writing a year or two beforehand. Just try to imagine a world with no Severus Snape (twice over), no endless stream of SLJ’s ice cold characters, no Vera Wang bridal gowns. They probably had a voice inside telling them it was too late as well. They chose to ignore it.

What Is Success in Dancing?

Like any physical activity, dancing is never finished. There may be championships, performances and other competitions, but the measure of success for each person will be different. Your journey as a dancer may be towards good health, busting through your fears, performing in front of others or receiving an award for your art. Whatever it is, it’s your personal best, your progress and your success. So, starting late doesn’t matter if your major goal was just to start.

So… start. No one can tell you dancing isn’t for you. If you feel the rhythm, start moving!