If your loved one is mad about dance, odds are they go through a lot of leotards, tights and dance shoes each year. Even the best quality dancewear can’t hold up forever against the rigorous schedule of a committed dancer. So, if you’re stuck for a gift idea this Christmas, maybe some extra dancewear is an easy stocking stuffer. Luckily, everything in The Dance Store is 20% off this holiday season!

A dancer’s essentials always need restocking, but Christmas is a time to treat yourself or others to something that’s more of a want than a need. Consider something more stylish, or a luxury, or just an upgrade that gives a slight edge of glamour, comfort or confidence. From the basic to the beautiful, here are some of our favourite Canadian dancewear items for gifting this Christmas.


You can never have too many leotards. Dance practice is an intense workout, so most people will grab a fresh outfit for each session. With the laundry being constantly refilled with leotards and tights, it never hurts to have extras on hand.

Dancer in leotard

Your dancer might usually wear one style, but you could treat them to something new. There’s more to these outfits than you might think. For example, All That Jazz offer a range of simple, elegant designs, while Bloch add little touches of glamour and Capezio focus on comfort and utility.


Tights are a necessity, but they come in different styles too. Colour and design play a role and there are different tights for recitals, professional shows and practice. Professional tights are the highest quality and have additional aesthetic features. General training tights have a lower price point and are designed to keep up with the daily strain of a full dance schedule. Convertible tights are versatile, for dancers who switch dance styles and need both regular tights and footless.

Dance Shoes

Whether your loved one is a ballerina, into jazz, taps their way through life or bops in sneakers, they’ll need high quality dance shoes. What a dancer needs out of a pair of shoes is personal to them and their style. They may need extra ankle support, have shoes fitted to their arches, or suitable for lower profile feet. This sounds a little technical, but an experienced dancer will know their own needs.

dance shoes

Depending on who you’re buying for, you may need a spy close to them who can dig for these details. Or, you might have a relationship where you can just ask them what they would like. Whatever their requirements, we ship some of the top brands in the world to dancers all over Canada. These include Mirella, Bloch, Capezio, Grishko, Suffolk, Dance Danse, Sansha and Gaynor Minden.

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Dancewear Accessories

Bloch Hair Kit

The Bloch Hit Kit makes it easy to put your hair into a perfect bun. The full kit features:

  • Two hair nets
  • Fifteen 3″ hair pins
  • Ten 2″ hair pins
  • Six bobby pins
  • Four hair elastics

Take it with you to any performance and never be caught with loose locks. The kit’s suitable for younger dancers too as it comes with a how-to guide for the best bun.

Bloch Pointe Shoe Key Ring

If your graceful movements aren’t a clear enough signal, this accessory is a way to let the world know how passionate you are about dance. Ideal for all ages.

Bloch keychain


THE-footstretcher does a little more than its name suggests. It’s a multi-faceted device that can help you achieve beautiful lines through practised and improved foot placement. It can also massage painful areas, ease muscles, boost your flexibility and stretch off the ground to focus on your form.

Bunheads Resistance Bands

Bunheads Resistance Bands are ideal for warming up, toning, shaping or stretching targeted muscles. The combo pack features 1 medium strength, turquoise band and 1 heavy strength, candy pink band.

Bunheads bands


Suffolk Massage Ball

The Suffolk Rubber Massage Ball is rolled under the ball of your foot to put stretch your transverse arch: the ligament that propels you forward onto pointe.

Suffolk Limber Loop

The Suffolk Limber Loop is a hard-wearing stretch band designed for dancers. Improve your extension and flexibility through consistent stretching.

Suffolk Foam Roller

The Suffolk Foam Roller lets you roll out tight muscles and knots with the best self-massage dance accessory on the market.

Children’s Dancewear

Tiny dancers need quality clothing just as much as adults. Our range of children’s dancewear makes for perfect stocking stuffers. Imagine your little ballerina jumping around in front of the tree in their very own tutu.

Perfect for winter: slip a pair of Grishko warm-up boots over your dance shoes to get your muscles ready to dance. Throw them on between performances or before training and rehearsals. They’re so cosy and comfortable you might just find yourself wearing them around the house too!

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on what to get your loved one – or what to ask them to order for you. Everything on our site is 20% off this season! We ship Canadian and imported dancewear across the country and would love to fill your order and get it there in time to go under the tree. As it’s that time of year, we’ve compiled a list of the best ballets to see at ChristmasLet us know if you have any questions and merry Christmas!