Ballet-inspired fashion has long been admired for its elegance and clean silhouette, but in recent years it’s made a striking comeback. With the rise of TikTok and its influence on fashion trends, the ballerina aesthetic commonly observed on #ballettok has captured the hearts of many, blending classic ballet wear with modern street style. This fusion of pink delicacy and strong lines has given birth to a trend known as “ballet core” or rather #balletcore, which attempts to embody the quintessential ballerina image. 

The Roots of the Ballet Fashion Trend

This new-age ballerina style borrows heavily (and vice versa) from the #coquette aesthetic, characterized by its playful, feminine charm. This aesthetic draws inspiration from textured fabrics like lace, chiffon, and tulle, and girlish accessories like headbands and bows, creating a look that is both whimsical and sophisticated. Consider incorporating soft pastel hues such as blush pink, baby blue, and lilac.

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Ballet Core & Coquette Controversy 

We would be remiss to not touch on discourse within the dance world when it comes to ballet core. Though we absolutely cannot speak for all ballet dancers, some find the style dismissive and even insulting in more extreme cases. Ballet is an intensive craft that often involves blood, sweat, and tears – and so when the pinnacle of ballet core seems to be projecting a perceived sweet and girlish “soft femininity,” you can see how this might rub some the wrong way. However, not all feel this way, and many dancers even dress in a ballet core-manner in their pedestrian lives. 

How to Dress Ballet Core

Ballet Flats: A Comeback

Are ballet flats in style again? They’re not for everyone, but you cannot deny the 2024 resurgence of ballet flats. These classic shoes, inspired by the flexible slippers worn by ballet dancers, are fully back. Ballet flats are not only comfortable but evoke a chic French vibe, making them the perfect footwear choice for achieving the ballet-inspired look. Curious about the footwear actual ballet dancers wear? Check out the super-comfortable Omnia Sneaker from the famous ballet brand Bloch

Ballet Wrap Skirt: A Staple

A staple piece in ballet core fashion is the ballet wrap skirt. These skirts, inspired by the iconic wrap skirts worn by ballet dancers, feature a flattering wrap-around design that accentuates the waist and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Try these Chiffon Wrap Skirts from popular balletwear brand Mondor, which come in gorgeous Lilac, Navy, and Pink! Or stick to tradition with this Black Chiffon Wrap Skirt from All That Jazz. These versatile skirts can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion and styled for almost any weather. Check out this article on 10 Ways to Style Your Wrap and Midi Skirts

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Accessories: Tights & More

When it comes to accessories, ballet core fashion embraces delicate pieces that add a touch of whimsy, often harkening back to an Anne of Green Gables feel. Consider adding hair accessories like silk ribbons, floral clips, or thick headbands. Jewelry such as pearl earrings or a simple, dainty pendant necklace can also add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Try these stunning Shimmer Tights from Mondor, real ballet tights with real durability plus a sparkling touch to elevate your everyday wear. 

Ballet Core Makeup & Hair

If you’re going for the full ballerina-chic look, try involving your make-up and hair in the aesthetic as well. Natural “no makeup makeup” with a focus on glowing skin, flushed cheeks, and lightly curled lashes can enhance your features and give you a post-ballet class glow. For hair, opt for romantic styles like loose waves, braided updos, a French twist (see this YouTube video for a 60s French twist tutorial), or a simple low ballet bun.

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#balletcore isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Although not for everyone and even controversial to some, it’s interesting to watch balletwear make its way into mainstream trending fashion. By incorporating key pieces like ballet wrap skirts, ballet flats, neutral ballet cardigans, and delicate accessories into your wardrobe, you can channel the grace and silhouette of a ballet dancer in your everyday style.