If you dance, you’ve probably had some embarrassing, painful, or otherwise troubling moments in the studio where you’ve wondered if this happens to everyone—enter dancing memes. These dance memes from all over the internet were made by dancers to show their contemporaries that they’re not alone. Here are 15 dancing memes to help you laugh through the tears, or perhaps cry with laughter!

Sneezing While Dancing

Sneezing dance meme

Hands up who’s done this. Oh, you can’t raise your arm right now? Put some ice on it. Dancing is all about balance. Seriously, name another sport or activity where a sneeze can cost you this much.

This Meme’s Poppin’

Poppin dancing meme with a guy in a club shouting in a girl's ear

Hold on a moment while we update our dances that have stood the test of time article. Would this line work on you? By line, we mean diatribe.

Dancing for Exposure

Bane vs pink guy dancing meme of exposure vs covid exposure for dancers in 2022

You gotta do what you gotta do. How much did you miss dancing during those dark times? We hope you’ve been able to go back to dance school now.

Dancing for exposure is a tricky one. When you’re starting out in any industry, you generally end up doing a certain amount of work for free in order to learn, make contacts, or get ahead. It will depend where you’re at in your career if you are willing to work for exposure.

This article in dance magazine put it best: “The dancers who get the most exposure dance for Beyoncé, yet Beyoncé pays them because landlords don’t take exposure checks. Doing anything for exposure is a lie, because if it’s truly good exposure, it generally means there is a budget, and it won’t be done for free.”

That Was Just a Warm Up?

that was just a warm up dencer meme

You’ve got to power through and build that dancer’s stamina. We promise it gets easier. You’ll be sore after, but the endorphins and other chemicals your brain loves will be a wonderful reward. And next time, you won’t find it as hard.

Warming Up Ballet Meme

Ballet meme about queefing during warm up

We have no words. This says it all.

I’ve Been Perfecting the Pedestrian Movement My Whole Life

suicide squad dance meme of pedestrians doing pedestrian movement better than dancers

Tell me how you achieved such perfect form. Who taught you this?

Why Did You Get into Dancing?

bong joon ho dance meme with oscars kissing

This is a funny one, but we all get into dancing for our own reasons.

Partner Problems

guy shouting at a girl over dancing meme

Have you ever had a partner stress out at you? It happens in a high-pressure situation. It should never look like this.

Myofascial Release

myofascial release dancing meme

Who knew dance memes could turn violent? Remember those happy brain chemicals we’re always talking about? Dancing is great for the body, the mind, and the soul… just not always at the same time.

Don’t Do It

kick ball change in the face meme

Who says dancing doesn’t teach you skills to use in real life? It would be something to see. Don’t do it, but we’ve all felt the temptation once or twice, right?

The worst. The worst. Luckily, we know where you can buy the best pointe shoes that will last long after you break them in. Any guesses?

The relationship between a dancer and their pointe shoes is a complicated one. It’s certainly a love/hate thing, with a touch of mentorship.

The Perfect Leotard

The perfect leotard meme

Ballet memes get me through the day sometimes. It’s a long search to find the perfect leotard. We have plenty of options for you to try.

Dancewear Shouldn’t Break the Bank

dancer can't afford a leotard as she's poor meme

Maybe you can afford it. We founded The Dance Store so that dancers could have the equipment they need to succeed while also having the money they need to survive. Your passion should never become a financial burden.

Bobby Pin

liz lemon ballet meme when your hair falls apart

Of all the ballet memes in this article, this got me right in the heart and had me belly laughing all at once. This is what it feels like just before a major performance when everything seems to be falling apart.

What’s your favourite of these dancing memes? Did we miss one that’s absolute gold?

Banner image by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash