Recital is wrapped up and you’re heading for summer… But first it’s time for year-end dance photos! When the dance photographer brings you in front of the backdrop, all eyes are on you. Having several poses ready is a great way to minimize nerves and make sure you get the shot you want. We’ve compiled a list of unique dance pose photos to give you some inspiration, as well as some tips to remember for when you’re in front of the camera!

Dance Poses for Pictures

double stag jump dance photo shoot poses inspo

Credit: Pinterest

Double Stag

A classic for a reason. The double stag jump creates a beautiful shape and displays skill and height. As with any jumping photo, it might take you a couple tries to get the timing right. 


  • Point your feet! Flat or sickled feet will be very obvious in this pose.
  • Style your hair so it’s out of your face. In a jump, hair might fly everywhere and you don’t want your face obscured in the photo.
  • Angle yourself to the camera. In this photo, she has opened her body to the camera, so her form and face are on full display. 

red bodysuit dancer split dance pose photo

Credit: Pinterest

Middle Split

Difficult to hold, amazing when captured. Requires strong legs, ankles, and core.


  • Experiment with yours arms! A middle split photo can take on a totally different tone and energy with different arm and hand placements. 
  • Keep your hands on the floor, until the very last minute! Collaborate with the photographer and count down 3-2-1 until you need to push off the ground. 
  • Don’t injure your knees. Focus on keeping your knees aligned with your ankles and not twist inwards.

blue dancewear arabesque photo ballet pose

Credit: Studio Dance Photography – Martine Martell Photography on Pinterest

Arabesque Variation

An arabesque is a go-to. Adding a popped foot and bent leg can give it a jazz or contemporary edge. This variation also allows you to kick your leg up much higher, and use your hand for support on your bent knee. 


  • As always, point that foot! 
  • The dancer in this photo smartly uses their arm to accentuate their lines. Consider how your arms can be used to elevate your pose. 
  • When we say pop that foot – really pop it! If your heel is hovering just above the floor this pose can look messy. Get up on the ball of your foot so your calves are flexed and engaged.

Modern Poses

modern contemporary dance pose pro dancer megan goldstein

Credit: @megangoldstein_ by @leegumbsphotography on Instagram

Twist It Out

Using contemporary modern shapes, you can create a unique photo that emphasizes your style. Don’t be afraid to get weird!


  • Practice in the mirror! You might find some interesting poses by freely experimenting.

Duo Dance Poses

duo dancer pointe shoes photo pose

Credit: yourdailydance on Pinterest

Mirror Image

Pose to commemorate your duo routine, or have a sweet memory with a dance friend! This dance pose uses your bodies to create a symmetrical image. You and your partner will have to be approximately the same height to achieve this look. Back strength and flexibility necessary.


  • If you aren’t using pointe shoes, just balance on the ball of your front foot.
  • Make sure both your arms are mirrored in their placement. 

Movement in Photography 

jazz costume inspo dance pose photo

Credit: @jones_twins_officials from Pinterest

Move Around

Play with movement for a dynamic dance photo. 


  • Use your hair or a flowy skirt or costume piece to add an element of movement to your photo.
  • Let your photographer know to shoot with a fast shutter speed to capture a “frozen” moment.


Take it from a former dancer – these are digital memories you will keep forever. Use this year-end shoot to capture your skill, strength, flexibility, and personal style. Stretch before, and point your feet! At the end of the day, have fun with your friends and teachers and celebrate another competition season in the books.