My dance career started at the age of three when I took tap and ballet with one other girl. Unfortunately, the program was cancelled the following year because of attendance and structural issues concerning the GAAC building in Teulon.

I then joined a local Ukrainian dance club and did this for four years until the GAAC building was renovated and the dance program was reinstated.
I recreationally danced when I was nine for two years before I started competitively dancing at the age of eleven. I received no ballet technique while training at GAAC, so I had a very hard time competing against other studios that had trained heavily in ballet. I wanted to do better in dance and gain more knowledge so I started watching youtube videos and began to teach myself some new and different moves.

My mom thought it would be beneficial for me to go to conventions to experience different choreographers and dance styles. After my first convention, I realized I had two very important skills that I had never known about. This included picking up choreography very fast and being able to copy what other people were doing. This was very helpful for me to grow as a dancer because this is how I learnt to do everything and continue to learn to do things.

I jumped at the opportunity to go to as many conventions as possible because I could see and feel a difference in my dancing after every convention. Each one pushed me and helped shape me to become the dancer I am today. One convention that was the turning point in my dance career is called VIP Dance Events in Edmonton, that I went to for three years in a row. The first year
I was at the back of the room just barely keeping up with all of the amazing dancers in the room. There were so many dancers in my class that are currently on dance shows and it’s crazy to think that I took class with them at one point. Each year I moved closer to the front of the room as I grew with confidence. The last year I went I was at the front of the room in hopes of being noticed. I guess a choreographer noticed me that year because I received a scholarship that I thought I never would have been able to receive. I am so grateful for this experience and I highly recommend taking any convention classes just to try and expand your dance vocabulary as much as you can.

During the summer I would go to as many camps and programs as I could including RWB as well as taking gymnastics, acrobatics, and silks to improve in any way I could. At RWB I had no idea what the teachers were talking about most of the time because of my absence of ballet fundamentals. I had to watch other dancers to learn what certain moves were. This is how I learnt all of my ballet technique, by watching and trying to pretend to know what I was doing most of the time. I ended up going to RWB two years in a row and it was such a well run program and it was very inspiring seeing all of the amazing dancers that were in class.

At the age of fourteen I switched studios in hopes to get ballet technique and more diverse training. I studied grade three to grade 6 cechetti method while dancing at this studio. During those two years I received many scholarships and opportunities that allowed me to travel all over the world.

This year I am currently dancing at Shelley Shearer School of Dance in their Pre Professional Program. I am very grateful for all of the ballet and pointe classes I am a part of and the opportunities I’ve been given. I am improving my ballet technique very quickly in hopes of catching up with the incredible dancers in my classes. I am also fortunate to have received this sponsorship with Harlequin: The Dance Store. They have provided me with the essentials needed for the dance year as well as their wonderful support. We have competed in Vancouver, Minneapolis, and Winnipeg already and I love the atmosphere at the studio, as well as the amazing teachers and dancers. I could go on and on about Shelley and Lindsay but I will say that I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today without them constantly pushing me and making me strive to become a better dancer and person. For any dancers out there, I recommend taking as many classes as you can and always work hard to push your limits.

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