As we head into the end of the school year, there are a lot of young dancers who are getting ready for a big recital practice and who are eager to do well. Your kids have put a lot of time and effort into performing their best.

It should be an exciting time for you as well as them but it can also be stressful and cause unnecessary anxiety. Even if your child doesn’t want to become a professional dancer, there is a lot a big recital can teach them including discipline, commitment, and teamwork. 

1) Plan Ahead

Planning is key. Begin setting aside items that you’ll need for the recital, but won’t need to use for the next couple of days. That could be extra shoes, costumes, hair accessories, or makeup. If you don’t have extra, think about buying them as they can save you down the road and prevent you from last-minute scrambling.  

2) Rest Up

When you have schoolwork, friend obligations, and dance practice on top of it, it’s easy to skip a few good nights of rest but this will often be counterproductive as your child will never be their best when they haven’t slept well and it could also lead to injury. Make sure your dancer has at least seven hours of sleep if not the recommended eight. 

3) Bring Extras

It’s always wise to bring extras of things. That way, if you lose one item, you can quickly grab the backup. Keeping extra makeup, hair accessories, or tights can help alleviate these issues as they happen. Consider keeping extras in your car or somewhere you’re not likely to forget. 

4) Create a Checklist

It’s always a great idea to keep a running tally of things you may need or do. It’ll help you keep organized and ensure you don’t forget anything. After packing, compare the list with your packed dance bag not once, but twice. Attention to the little details will be the difference between being prepared or not. Once you know everything is packed, you can head into the studio assured and confident instead of worried and concerned that you forgot something.

5) Eat Smart

If you’re running from performance to performance, you’re bound to get thirsty fast. That’s why it’s so important that you pack plenty of food and water. Don’t let your child eat too many junk food snacks. We know it’s easier said than done but resist the temptation to go to a fast food restaurant before or after dance practice.

Make sure you bring along a water bottle that you can refill and keep at the studio. This will not only ensure your kid is well hydrated but can help prevent exhaustion or even injury.