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    Based on the original Fouette design, this shoe has been developed to include the features most requested by world-famous ballerinas Diana Vishneva and Svetlana Zakharova. It has a U-shaped medium vamp, a hand stitched sole and a heel that is 5mm lower than the Fouette. Features: A non-slip sole provides extra grip Superior balance due to a wider platform New glue allows for exceptional lightness and durability Advanced shape stability due to a double upper New set of shanks makes roll-up through demi-pointe easier This style suits most foot shapes and is recommended for both beginner and advanced dancers
  • A marvellous light and comfortable tutu bag with a Grishko logo. Ideal for long journeys. You may put up to 4 tutu in one bag and they will always look fresh and neat. Material: 100% polyester
  • Features: Anatomically formed to a dancer’s foot for the highest level of comfort and aesthetics A flatter last in the toe and a slightly raised instep ensure the closest fit possible Specially designed to be extra light and extremely supportive at the same time Shaped around the dancer’s foot to enable perfect balance and placement This exquisite pointe shoe is suitable for all types of feet and is recommended for both beginner and advanced dancers.
  • Similar to Grishko-2007 PRO with distinct insole, where the flex technology provides a gradual roll-up to "demi-pointe" and then "en pointe".


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