Much like regular school, your ballet academy requires you to re-evaluate your supplies by looking at either replacing or upgrading your clothes, shoes, and bag if they are falling apart. Here are some common items to think about as we head into the final weeks of summer and start to think about getting back into a regular school routine. If you have any doubts or questions, ask your ballet instructor for some recommendations.

Ballet shoes are the most important equipment for ballet dancers. They allow a dancer to perform the required moves and dance safety. Buying the right pair of shoes can be confusing since there are so many different styles, materials, and soles to choose from.
The first thing you need to think about is fit. They need to be snug but not too small. You should ensure that there is enough room to wriggle your toes. When trying on your shoes, you should stand in the first position and see how they feel.
Although this is more of a tradition rather than a rule, girls generally have pink ballet flats while boys have white or black. Dancers may require pointe shoes, but only if you’re taking pointe classes. One last tip about shoes is it’s recommended for you to have several different pairs which you can rotate through to ensure the shoes don’t have any unnecessary wear and tear.

Tights are another essential piece of clothing for ballet dancers. Dance tights are very specific to ballet. They should be comfortable and provide dancers with flexibility and the ability to see the dancer’s figure and lines. The tights should have a high spandex material or mesh. Usually, girls are required to wear pink while boys have a little more flexibility in colours.

It’s best to buy at least a couple of traditional leotards, depending on how many days you dance. There are some great brands to choose from and we carry them all online. Whatever you choose, they should be comfortable, fit snug to your body, and not sag anywhere. Leotards should allow the teacher to see if your legs are turned out correctly from the hip and not the knees and whether the correct muscles are engaged.

Bags can give you style and can make you stand out from your peers. You’ll likely be carrying your ballet bag around with you wherever you go so you’ll want one that works with your lifestyle. Having the right bag is essential for competitions, school, and class. Common choices are a tote, duffel or backpack. What you generally carry will determine how big it will be and how it will make your life easier.

At the Dance Store, we have many different options for your back to school shopping with the most popular brands. If you’re thinking about upgrading your wardrobe, visit us in-store or online to start shopping now.